National Pet Dental Health Month

Before dental cleaning

It’s that time of year… February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Many of you know that means we offer a discount on dental cleanings during the month of February. This year we are giving a discount of $75, PLUS a free pet tooth brush! Remember, dogs aren’t the only pets that need their teeth […]

Welcoming a New Puppy or Kitten into Your Family

Chloe the French Bulldog

by Dr. Michelle Arnold When you first look into the adoring eyes of a puppy or kitten it’s hard not to be swept away.  Next thing you know there’s a new little pet in your home and you’ve scheduled their first vet visit!  You go to the vet office, the technician gives you an estimate, […]

Does your pet know where your Halloween Candy is hidden?

Sheabel Halloween Party 2013

  by Dr. Michelle Jude Halloween time can be scary for us all, but especially for our four legged friends. Follow these simple tips and make your pet’s Halloween safe and fun for all.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

by Dr. Mara Tugel Have you ever come home to find a house that has been destroyed, with various pieces of furniture shredded or soiled, your favorite pair of shoes demolished, and your loving dog with a guilty expression on his/her face? If so, then you have been witness to a common scene among households […]

Feline House Soiling

cute kitten

by Dr. Michelle Arnold If you have owned or currently own a cat, most likely you have dealt with feline house soiling at one time or another. There are many reasons cats urinate or defecate outside the box; some of them are easily fixable, others are not. Keep reading for tips and advice on how […]

What is Laser Therapy and How Can it Help My Pet?

Laser Therapy

by Dr. Michelle Jude Veterinary medicine has progressed more in the last decade than it has in the last fifty years. One of those progressions is a class four therapy laser. I have seen the benefits and witnessed amazing responses to using a therapy laser and hopefully this article will help people understand and realize […]

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Join Sheabel in supporting breast cancer awareness at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk/run on October 19th. Our team, Paws for a Cause, has set a fundraising goal of $3000. You can contribute to our fundraiser by following this link, or coming in and purchasing a paw print in honor of […]

Ear Infections in Dogs

Left: infected ear; Right: healthy ear

by Dr. Mara Tugel If your dog has ever had an ear infection, then you have seen how uncomfortable it can make them. Usually, dogs will shake their head, use their paws to scratch their ears, and often a foul odor and even discharge may be noticed from one or both ears. Dogs with chronic […]

Traveling with your Pet

Dr. Tugel's four-legged family members take a trip to Sheabel

by Dr. Michelle Jude Vacation time often puts pet owners in a dilemma: Do I travel with my four-legged friends or leave them behind at home or in a kennel? Hopefully, this week’s column will help making that decision as easy as relaxing at the beach. If the pet is vacation bound, there are a […]

Environmental Needs of Cats

Thomas Cox

Are you meeting the environmental needs of your cat(s)? The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) recently published the “Environmental Needs Guidelines” in order to help owners and veterinarians meet the needs of pet cats in any environment. Click here to see if you are providing for your cat’s basic needs. Remember, we’re always available […]